The Candidate 

Sean Maher is a Democrat running for State Senate in the First Worcester District. He is a blue collar hardworking man who knows firsthand the struggles of working men, women and families.  By choice, he has spent his life working in positions that require both physical and mental agility.  Being raised by a single mother of six children who worked seven days a week most of her life, he learned a strong work ethic at a very young age which he has carried into his adult life.  His mother was a strong influence on the man he is today.  She worked very hard, showed kindness to others and had a love of Massachusetts politics and the Red Sox, even though she grew up in the Astoria part of Queens NY.  Throughout his career working in vehicle recovery, construction and heavy trucking, contracting, U.P.S. and in underground construction of utilities in the private sector and for the City of Worcester, he gives 110% to his work every day - just as his mother did for years. 

His Family & Friends 

Sean has a beautiful daughter Courtney who is 24 years old, a large caring family of five siblings and their spouses plus (17) nephews, nieces from adults all the way down to new born babies.  Two of his sisters and two of his brother in-laws are local small business owners and he knows the work required and pressures you have being in your own business today.  He has a broad life-time of friendships from every walk of life, in every age group forged over five decades working and living throughout the communities of the First Worcester District and beyond. 

​With the support of those family and friends and further, the onetime strangers who have become friends and supporters which he has met over the last 18 months, he is now compelled to run for State Senate and be the next generation who will serve tirelessly all the citizens of the First Worcester District.

His Work 

Sean works for The City of Worcester Department of Public Works & Parks. He joined the city workforce in 2001 after 25 years in the private sector and has spent over a decade serving the homeowners and citizens who live and work in the City of Worcester while working for the Water Department Operations Division.  He has worked maintaining the city’s fire suppression system, the water distribution system and the services to the homes and buildings throughout the city.  He is a Certified, Full Operator of Drinking Water Supply Facilities Grade II, licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

​After a recent promotion, Sean now works overseeing day to day excavation, maintenance and management of the City of Worcester’s newly acquired street lighting assets and infrastructure.


His Union Position 

Sean has held both union and nonunion jobs throughout his life.  He was a Teamster in Locals 170 and 493.  In late December 2006, as a city employee, Sean was elected to represent 500 City of Worcester employees who work in 12 different city divisions.  These employees are members of The National Association of Government Employees, (NAGE) Local 495, an S.E.I.U., AFL-CIO affiliate.  All members of NAGE Local 495 directly serve the public and the citizens of the City of Worcester every day. 

​Throughout his adult life Sean has proactively worked on the issues close to him which affect the elderly, working families and the public at large and has gained the respect and support of his colleagues and peers in his community.  In 2010, he was elected to the N.A.G.E., National Executive Board which is a governing body of 30 members, elected by all NAGE Locals from across the nation. 

​Sean has always worked to instill dignity, courtesy, respect of one another in the workplace, in public service and more importantly he has always worked to foster a sense of fair play in the treatment of the public, by those governmental agencies which have been created to serve the citizenry. 

Sean Maher - Biography


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