His Union Position 

Sean has held both union and nonunion jobs throughout his life.  He was a Teamster in Locals 170 and 493.  In late December 2006, as a city employee, Sean was elected to represent 500 City of Worcester employees who work in 12 different city divisions.  These employees are members of The National Association of Government Employees, (NAGE) Local 495, an S.E.I.U., AFL-CIO affiliate.  All members of NAGE Local 495 directly serve the public and the citizens of the City of Worcester every day. 

​Throughout his adult life Sean has proactively worked on the issues close to him which affect the elderly, working families and the public at large and has gained the respect and support of his colleagues and peers in his community.  In 2010, he was elected to the N.A.G.E., National Executive Board which is a governing body of 30 members, elected by all NAGE Locals from across the nation. 

​Sean has always worked to instill dignity, courtesy, respect of one another in the workplace, in public service and more importantly he has always worked to foster a sense of fair play in the treatment of the public, by those governmental agencies which have been created to serve the citizenry. 

Sean Maher - Biography


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